Miri Furstenberg

Miri Furstenberg

Miri Furstenberg was born in 1948 in Tel Aviv.

When she was five years old, together with her mother and brother, she traveled to the city Eilat with her father, who was the bus driver.

On the way back from Eilat, the bus was attacked by terrorists on the Scorpions pass and all the passengers on the bus, besides Miri, were slaughtered.

Miri survived the massacre and later became known as the “girl from the Scorpions pass”.

Until Miri Furstenberg joined the IDF Air Force, she was educated on her Kibbutz.

After finishing her army service, she devoted much time to commemorating the victims of the massacre.

Although Miri was orphaned by the age of 5, she succeeded in continuing with her life and raised a family of two children and five grandchildren.

She has written two books, in different languages, related to the massacre.

Miri sees the Economic Peace Center venture as an answer to terrorism.

She believes that the economy cooperation can be a bridge to peace, add value to life and even defeat terror.

Miri identifies completely with the vision of the center’s president, Attorney Ayoob Kara, and they both believe in the value of life! Revenge is not their way!

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