Former President and Minister Mr. Ayoob read in an interview about Israeli-Oman relations that were formed during the Sultan’s ben Said era

Former President and Minister Mr. Ayoob read in an interview about Israeli-Oman relations that were formed during the Sultan’s ben Said era


‘Sultan Oman – Peace Without Concessions’

The Israeli-Oman relationship that was formed during the Sultan’s ben Said era is proof of the Gulf Principals’ aspiration for peace without concession and withdrawals.

The ruler of Oman, Sultan Kaboos bin Said, passed away. The Prime Minister made remarks at the opening of the Cabinet meeting, mentioning the friendship they had formed and his efforts to promote regional peace and stability.

We talked about relations with the Sultan and the princes with former Minister of Communications Mr. Ayoob Kara, who was in contact with officials in Oman and other agencies in the period when these connections were still under restraint.

“I believed at the time, when no one believed that it could happen, that without territorial concessions, contacts with states in the Gulf could be made. Five and six years ago, I was laughed at, even on the left, when they claimed that without the Palestinians it could not go anywhere. I expect the left to apologize for this, too. “.

Mr. Ayoob adds: “When we said that, they saw as a prospect the prospect of relations with Dubai Oman and other countries. They called me a flatterer and a liar just a year ago.”

On the Omani Sultan, he read that he, too, like the Prime Minister, met with him, “and I can say that Oman is a country that does not speak to the Palestinians’ delusions, etc. They want ties, cyber, high-tech, etc. I set up the Economic Center for Peace following Bahrain Commission, to stimulate the private sector to connect Israel through the economy to a world that is interested in Israeli technologies and capabilities in a wide range of fields. This will defeat the extremists and topple terrorism. ”

“As we make business connections and open up more markets in this world, they should be in a stable relationship with Israel, and I believe we are striving in that direction. Sultan Kaboos believed in the same direction not today. I saw him in one of the Arab states in ’97, and he did not change direction. Since then, there have been pressures that have severed the connection, but even then, the desire in Oman was not erased to be in contact with Israel. ” In this context, the Secretary read the medical treatments given to the Prince and Princess of the Al Khalafa family in Abu Dhabi, a detail that was discovered only later.

“Thanks to this man we are going for a much better time than we imagined six or seven years ago,” says the convinced Kara that the spirit of the Sultan’s concept of Oman reaches the people themselves. “I also had conversations at the end of the nation. There is a consensus there to sanctify life. Sultan Kaboos came after studying in the UK and serving in the British army and returned to Oman with European and Western perceptions, and what interests them there is the value of life, which is not present in many countries in our region, doing business and trying to develop The kingdom. I believe the same line will be his replacement as well. ”

In Kara’s estimation, “the Sultan’s successors, whom I also knew, would not want to change and continue on the same line as Sultan Kabus believed, and relied heavily on missions to advance his worldviews. Therefore, I believe that after becoming a government in Israel, we are entering a new era with many countries in the region, Including Oman. This whole line will be legitimized and sanctioned after a government is set up to continue to create a good atmosphere without red carpets and hallucinations. “

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