Former Minister Kara lauds Sudan for canceling Israel Boycott Law

Former Minister Kara lauds Sudan for canceling Israel Boycott Law


By Rachel Avraham

It was recently reported that the Sudanese government decided to repeal the Israel Boycott Law. The 1958 law barred diplomatic and economic relations with Israel. The move still needs the final approval of the Sovereignty Council and Cabinet, which serves as Sudan’s legislative body.

In a recent Facebook post, former Israeli Communications Minister Ayoob Kara proclaimed: “The decision by the Sudanese government to end the economic boycott of Israel and all other forms of hostility on the day that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received the mandate to form the next government is a clear signal highlighting their nation’s support for Netanyahu’s political processes. It shows that there is nothing that can stop the Sons of Abraham Alliance, which will bring about economic peace and security.”

In conclusion, MK Ayoob Kara declared: “I call upon the Biden administration to conclude the final chapter of the peace agreement with Sudan and to plan for the next four peace agreements, which have been temporarily frozen.” While the Trump administration brokered four normalization agreements between Israel and the Arab countries, the peace deal with Sudan has still not been anchored into law by the Biden administration.

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