The economic cooperation will lead us to peace
למרות דבריו של איש האמירויות בארה”ב על פי ידע ושיחות ישירות עם מדינות הגולף והמדינות הסוניות כי אין להן עניין להתערב בסיפוח. זה לא מעניין אותם ויותר חשוב להם הקשר
הועידה מיועדת להתקיים באוניברסיטה בבוקרשט רומניה בספטמבר. בשל הקורונה כנראה נדחה אותה. על מועד חדש ניידע ! לפני הקורונה אישרו השתתפותן לא מעט מנכ”לים ואנשי מכירות מהרבה חברות היי טק 
‘Sultan Oman – Peace Without Concessions’ The Israeli-Oman relationship that was formed during the Sultan’s ben Said era is proof of the Gulf Principals’ aspiration for peace without concession and
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The conference takes place in Mazkeret Batya, organized by high school students in the colony. Phone for inquiries - 052-6176588
The second Israel-USA Business Summit, a partnership between the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, The Federation
The largest event ever staged in the Arab world – is set to welcome 190 participating countries, and millions of
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Speech of Mr. Ayoob Kara in Dubai (Arabic)
By Rachel Avraham Recently, Ayoob Kara, who served as Israel’s Communication, Cyber and Satellite Minister, proclaimed: “56 years ago, Eli Cohen, a Mossad spy and one of the great heroes
By Rachel Avraham In a recent interview, Israeli Druze leader Ayoob Kara, who served as Israel’s Communication, Cyber and Satellite Minister, proclaimed: “The close friendship between Israel and India and
By Rachel Avraham Last night, three rockets were fired into Israel. One was intercepted by the Iron Dome. One hit an open field. The third one landed inside the Gaza
By Rachel Avraham Former Israeli Communication Minister Ayoob Kara proclaimed, “We would like to thank the businessmen from Hebron and Israel, who participated in the Ramadan meal organized by the

The Economic Peace Center

A center for promoting peace between Israel, the Middle East and the Islamic world.

The center promotes commercial and personal relationships between business entities from Israel to the above-mentioned countries and vice versa.

The Economic Peace Center was founded by the Honorable Ayoob Kara, a prominent Israeli politician from the Likud Party.

Mr. Kara manages the Center.

Mr. Kara served as Minister of Communications, a Minister without portfolio and was a Member of Knesset. In addition, he served as Deputy Minister of Development of the Negev and Galilee, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Regional Cooperation, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, and Deputy Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office.

The Center’s values and strategy reflect Mr. Kara’s views, values and spirit for stable peace between Israel and its neighbors, all with mutual respect based on economics and social welfare.

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