Ayoob Kara on Jerusalem Flag March

Ayoob Kara on Jerusalem Flag March


By Rachel Avraham

After the Jerusalem Day flag march was postponed due to Operation Guardian of the Walls, it took place on Tuesday evening in the Old City of Jerusalem, thus leading to heavy Palestinian rioting.

The Israel Police arrested 17 Palestinians during clashes in East Jerusalem, after dozens of Palestinians rioted close to the march’s route and threw stones at police officers, injuring two.

In addition, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip clashed with soldiers along the border and at least 20 fires erupted due to incendiary balloons that were fired from the coastal strip.

Following these developments, Ayoob Kara, who served as Israel’s Communication, Satellite and Cyber Minister, proclaimed: “I arrived in Jerusalem, the eternal capital city of King David, at the Jaffa Gate and the Tower of David to express support for a united Jerusalem with Israeli flags. For all eternity, we will never be afraid to take such a journey.”

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