Kara visits Israeli company that does business in Persian Gulf

Kara visits Israeli company that does business in Persian Gulf


By Rachel Avraham

In 2017, when Ayoob Kara was serving as Israel’s Communication, Satellite and Cyber Minister, he met with several Arab leaders in Rhodes, including leaders from Libya and Iraq. After that meeting, he proclaimed: “No one will be able to stop the peace between Israel and the Saudi-led Sunni camp.”

“Both sides haver one common enemy: Iran,” he added. “There are also economic and technological interests that are important to both sides.” Fast forward to 2021 and Kara’s prediction has become a reality.
Not only have the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Bhutan, Bahrain, Sudan, and Kosovo made peace with Israel.

There are now direct El Al flights between Israel and Morocco, Israelis are cooperating with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates at every available opportunity, and Kosovo became the first Muslim country to open its embassy in Jerusalem.

As part of the new peace initiatives in the region, today, Ayoob Kara visited Auro Air, an Israeli company that is doing business in several Arab countries. They recently created a new filter that is supposed to clean up the air from corona and other viruses, dirt, and pollutants, and they are eager to market this new filter in the Muslim Middle East. In the meeting, Kara wished them much luck and success with this.

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