Two Azerbaijani servicemen wounded along Armenian border

Two Azerbaijani servicemen wounded along Armenian border


By Rachel Avraham

It was recently reported that two Azerbaijani servicemen were wounded in clashes alongside the Armenian border, after Armenian forces opened fire on their positions in the Kalbajar region. Instead of peacefully sitting down under Russian mediation and determining the final borders of Azerbaijan and Armenia, Armenia has once again demonstrated that they seek to take matters into their own hands and to wage violent attacks against Azerbaijan.

This came a couple of weeks after the American Ambassador to Armenia praised the elections that were held in Armenia. The American Ambassador to Armenia admitted that the US assisted Armenia with holding elections: “We helped, through USAID, support technical elements of the campaign. We also helped with some of the debates that were staged.” Based on the same premises, the EU will be granting Armenia 2.6 billion euros over the next five years.

However, such praise is flawed, given that Armenia seeks to utilize this aid to improve the road leading to the Iranian border with the participation of Iranian companies. In other words, US and EU aid money will be utilized to further entrench Armenia in the Iranian orbit.

Azerbaijani political analyst Mirsamir Mammadov recently stated on Facebook: “Armenians regularly fire at Azerbaijan’s borders while receiving training and direction from France and Iran. Iran and France are trying to destroy the stability and security in the region by encouraging Armenians to wage war.” The time has come for the international community to wake up and smell the coffee.

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