Kara in Abu Dhabi: “I welcome the UAE’s decision to close their Beirut embassy”

Kara in Abu Dhabi: “I welcome the UAE’s decision to close their Beirut embassy”


By Rachel Avraham

Speaking in Abu Dhabi, Ayoob Kara, who served as Israel’s Communication, Satellite and Cyber Minister, proclaimed: “I welcome the decision by the United Arab Emirates to close their embassy in Beirut and to sell the embassy building due to Hezbollah’s control of Lebanon. As long as Hezbollah controls the Land of the Cedars, I call upon Middle Eastern countries that oppose terrorism to follow in Abu Dhabi’s footsteps.”

While in Abu Dhabi, Kara met with the writer Firas Bin Darwish, who wrote a book about the founder of the United Arab Emirates Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. At the event where he received the book, he stated: “I am glad that the Gulf states joined Israel and not the Iranian terrorism because both Israel and the United Arab Emirates value the sanctity of life, progress and the economy.”

Kara proclaimed: “No one can challenge the agreements that were signed because this policy on both sides will lead to more agreements and will isolate Iran and its proxies that support terrorism.” Kara was highly critical of the Bennett government for opposing the gas deals between the United Arab Emirates and Israel due to environmental concerns, stressing that the real reason for their opposition stems from their desire to put the Palestinian issue first and not for their concerns for the ecology in the Red Sea. He emphasized that breaking these agreements is a grave mistake.

“The Abraham Accords are the truest and most sincere peace agreements since Israel obtained independence,” Kara stressed. “It is critical to build upon the economic and political connection between both countries. Advancing these agreements is no less important than preserving the environment in Eilat.”

Also while in Abu Dhabi, Kara was an honored guest at the Central Women’s Organization, which seeks to strengthen the status of women across the Arab world. Kara was invited to hold a similar meeting to advance the status of Arab women in Jerusalem.

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