Iran is a country showing support to the enemy of the Muslim brother—Israeli journalist

Iran is a country showing support to the enemy of the Muslim brother—Israeli journalist


“Raeisi’s accusations on Israel are completely absurd”. This statement came from Rachel Avraham, the well-known Israeli journalist while she was commenting on Iran’s attitude towards Israel-Azerbaijan relations.

Speaking to Eurasia Diary, Israeli journalist initially accused Iran of supporting ISIS.

“It is completely outrageous that Iran’s president, who is known as the butcher of Tehran, would blame Zionists and America for the ISIS menace. If anyone is to be blamed for the ISIS menace, it is Iran, as their hegemony in the region has caused radical Islamism to rise and lead to groups like ISIS popping up”.

R.Avraham believed that Raeisi’s claims on Israel-Azerbaijan relations are completely absurd.

“On top of that, it is completely absurd that they would claim that Israel cannot be a friend of Azerbaijan. Friendship is not based on religion. It is based on whether you were there for someone. While Israel helped to prop up the Azerbaijani military and provided medical aid to Azerbaijani soldiers, Iran desecrated the Azerbaijani architecture in Karabakh mosques and transforming them into Persian mosques. Iran also was propping up Armenia and backing them in violating Azerbaijani human rights, alongside repressing the Azerbaijani community in Iran, while Israel was helping Azerbaijan to rebuild Karabakh. If even they are Shia, this is not friendly behaviour”.

Israeli journalist also accused Iranian regime of denying Holocaust.

Today is International Holocaust Memorial Day. Sotropi, an Iranian diplomat based in Paris, saved countless Jewish lives during the Holocaust and showed everyone that Muslims and Jews could be friends. However, today’s Iranian leadership denies that the Holocaust even happens and tells other Muslims that they cannot have Jewish friends. Yet, this kind of mentality is insane, as friendship is based on whether you are there for someone in his hour of need and not what religion one is”.

“Friendship should be blind to religion. Anyone who dismisses the kindness of someone else because of his religion is no true friend”, she added.

The Israeli journalist said that the rights and freedoms of ethnic Azerbaijanis were violated in Iran and they were repressed. He also added that Iran was not real friend of Azerbaijan.

The actions of Iran in Karabakh and in their relationship towards Armenia show how they are also not a true friend of Azerbaijan. The Iranians should not mistake Azerbaijani diplomacy and tact for love of a government that systematically deprives Azerbaijanis of the right to speak their language and who does everything to support Azerbaijan’s enemies.

This article was originally printed in Eurasia Diary.

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